Large Project Funding - Prestige Capital Partners


Prestige Capital Partners is a large project funding intermediary firm. We source funding for large scale projects around the world. Funding starts from 70% of funding requirements and can go up to 100%. Our alternative funding solutions help get projects underway.

Corporate Overview

Our goal is to take a project from conception to inception. We work closely with entrepreneurs as we recognise each individual project has specific funding needs. As such, we work hard to tailor finance solutions to their exact funding requirements.

Since 2008 mainstream lending through banks has become increasingly difficult to come by. We recognize the strict parameters set by banks. Very often their “one size fits all funding methods” doesn’t match the funding needs of our clients. This leads to a lose-lose situation whereby the bank did not gain client confidence and the client did not receive any funding to start the proposed project. Understanding today’s complex financial world, we know how to difficult it is to obtain necessary funds.

Whether you require debt or equity funding, start up or expansion finance, we aim to make the funding solution as accessible as possible. Being an independent funding intermediary, we utilize a vast network of international funders and operate on a global scale. We are direct to most lenders who have the capacity to structure finance, this facilitates an easier funding facility to meet entrepreneurs capital raising challenges.

Project Funding Objectives

Prestige Capital Partners source funders who are flexible, creative and can look at projects from a ‘non conventional’ viewpoint. Our funders all recognize that there are difficulties for large projects to obtain a traditional loan. They are prepared to take risks by offering ‘alternative finance’ solutions. In doing so, we have unearthed a network of funders who recognize our client’s needs and will look at each project on its individual merits.

We are able to assist entrepreneurs no matter what your funding requirements are, even if you have not been eligible for funding by other banks or financial institutions. Our principle is to help entrepreneurs get through the funding procedure.  Our primary goal is to connect entrepreneurs to the most suitable funder in order to for you to get funded and operating. This will enable them to build strong and healthy communities through innovation and collaboration.

Investment Opportunities

We promote select investment opportunities which offer set returns over a number of years. One is a structured credit note which accepts subscribers and offers a set interest rate, whilst the other accepts assets and collateral into the fund and as well offers a set interest rate in return.