Collateral Assignment Alternative Investment

Collateral Assignment Alternative Investment

How to make money on collateral. Collateral pool alternative investments for investors and institutions.

There are many ways to maximise and diversify an investment portfolio and some investments can carry more risk than others. Nowadays as there are new alternative investment products entering the financial market that investors have been considering.

Typical questions relate to company or private assets and how to manage them to trigger maximum return. To maximise investments on portfolio, investors question if their assets are performing? Are they gaining value or losing value? Considering assigning assets to a 3rd party in return for a yearly guaranteed return? Whether fixed assets or movable assets can make a profit. Have you considered finding alternative ways to turn such assets into an income generating tool?

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Investing Capital In Your Business For Growth And Expansion

World Economy | Balance Sheet | Structured Note

World Economy

The 80’s was the start of the bull market economy. You could invest your money in bonds which were paying out at a flat 15% interest rate, risk free. It was a good time to invest in companies because the corporations were forced to compete with 15% rates to be more efficient and investing their capital wisely.

Winding the clock forward to present day, the federal reserve have been printing money excessively and have been giving corporations access to cheap loans. As a result, companies are over valued through stock purchases, share buybacks which means they are not investing in their future growth. The over supply of money printing is reshaping the global economy which is non sustainable and there is now too much corporate/ private debt. Read more