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Wind energy project funding - Prestige Capital Partners Wind energy is the motion of air molecules driven by the Earths rotation this causes difference in atmospheric pressure. The term “wind power” describes the air flow that generates mechanical power.

Wind Power Technology

We have been using wind power for various reasons since ancient times. In the Middle East, buildings have been specifically constructed to act as windcatchers for ventilation. Windcatchers can be used to manage airflow in and around buildings and harnessed in different ways: uni-directional, bi-directional, and multi-directional. The construction of a windcatcher depends on the direction of airflow at that specific location. We built ships that eventually used sail technology to explore and connect the world. In modern times, sail boats are popular in navigating courses in races around the world. Read more

Funding Renewable Energy Projects

There is a need for new, clean technology that can increase productivity and efficiency at low cost which can have a positive impact on the way we live. World Governments have been asked to cut carbon emissions by 2% but unfortunately some Governments like the UK Government have cut funding for clean energy projects.  However, countries like China are becoming a global superpower in renewable energy as they have recently cut their carbon emissions. Given the worlds incline to go green, funding renewable energy projects is a must!

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