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All investments carry an element of risk, which may stem from their illiquidity, leverage, investment horizon and general risks associated with investments. These risks may include; capital loss , dilution of shareholder value, that dividends will not be declared, and illiquidity risk due to the absence of a viable secondary market for a particular product.

The value of investments may rise or fall due to the volatility of world markets, interest rates or changes in the rate of exchange for the currency in which the investment is denominated. Some investments can experience significant volatility and value fluctuations in a very short space of time, which may present an increased risk of losing your original capital.


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4 Retail clients of a firm authorised and regulated by the FCA which is complying with the suitability rules;
5 Professional clients in accordance with COBS 3.5.1 R;
6 Retail Investors who confirm that they will only invest 10% of their net assets in non-readily realizable securities by agreeing to the restricted investor statement set out in COBS 4.7.10 R.

Private Funding Opportunities | Europe

Private Funding Opportunities | Europe

Private Funding | European Projects | Prestige Capital Partners Funding Private Projects in Europe

It is possible to apply for a grant in OECD member countries from Governments and NGO Foundations but you might discover that not all projects get covered by grants. It can be difficult to find organisations willing to help finance a project in particular; those projects that have a unique selling point that counteract current problems but comes with a high-risk approach.

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Structured Finance For International Projects

Structured Finance For International Projects


Let’s say a developer needs funding, when they apply for project finance, the lender might put together a structured finance solution to suit the developer’s project requirements. But what does structured finance mean and how do they do it?

What is Structured Finance

The lender will look at the development project to determine what it’s requirements are and then structure a finance model according to the projects needs. If the borrower has been refused funding for whatever reason, this might be the best route to go down. So in other words, structured finance not only benefits the borrower but also protects the funder.

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Project Funding Risk

Funding Risk - Prestige Capital Partners

Every project is different so it is not possible to compile an exhaustive list of project funding risk or to rank them in order of priority. What is a major funding risk for one project may be quite minor for another. One can discuss the risks that are common to most projects and possible avenues for minimizing them. However, it is helpful to categorize the risks according to the phases of the project within which they may arise: (1) the design and construction phase; (2) the operation phase; or (3) include both phases. It is useful to divide the project in this way when looking at project funding risks because the nature and the allocation of risks usually change during and between constructions.

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Get A Large Business Loan

The first milestone for entrepreneurs who want to a business loan is called ‘Seed Capital’ or ‘Seed funding’. It refers to the initial investment raised by the founders from their family and friends who would use savings and personal assets. It is common to see most entrepreneurs do not have enough capital to launch their companies and look for other ways to raise money.

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Large Project Finance | From Seed to Project Completion

Large project finance - debt and equity funding - Prestige Capital Partners Large Project Finance

There’s different options for project principles to raise capital for their project. Corporations can apply for large project finance from institutional investors, venture capital and boutique banks. These financial bodies can utilise bank instruments and private placement platforms to build up initial funding to start cash flow and progress with funding activities.

Since Brexit (UK exit from the EU) the worlds markets are looking very uncertain. The Pound is weak against the Dollar and Euro thus creating instability and a knock on effect to other EU countries. Staying afloat is the first thing that every CEO worries about.

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International Project Finance

International project finance | Funding global projects

According to the World Economic Forum, over $2 trillion is needed every year for the following decade for global infrastructure investment  This covers sectors in energy, water, transportation, telecommunications, mining and municipal service delivery.

This works out annually to over $400 billion for Africa, $500 billion for Asia, $500 billion for Europe, $300 billion for South/Central America, and $300 billion for North America. With such large amounts of money, two main key issues arise:

  • How will this infrastructure be financed?
  • How will opportunities make their way through the appropriate screening, risk assessment, and financial modeling analysis to determine financial viability?

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