Financial Glossary

Prestige Capital Partners can fund large projects using many of the sources below.

  • Hedge Funds

A hedge fund can basically invest in anything – land, real estate, stocks, derivatives, currencies. mutual funds, by contrast, have to basically stick to stocks or bonds. Hedge funds will often use borrowed money to amplify their returns.

  • Private Equity

In finance, private equity is an asset class consisting of equity securities and debt in operating companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange. A private equity investment will generally be made by a private equity firm, a venture capital firm or an angel investor. There are four basic things private equity investors do to earn money: Raise funds, source and close deals, improve operations, and sell portfolio companies.

  • Joint Ventures

A joint venture is a business enterprise undertaken by two or more persons or organizations to share the expense and profit of a particular business project. A joint venture is not a business organization in the sense of a proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. It is an agreement between parties for a particular purpose and usually a defined time frame.







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Prestige Capital Partners are an intermediary service between the funder and project principle. We act as an introduction company only and as such only work within the introducing capacity. Nothing in these pages constitutes as financial, legal or any kind of advice, you should consult a suitably qualified financial advice firm and lawyer before you undertake any funding offer. We use a marketing company who have linked their blog to this website.
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