Collateral Assignment Alternative Investment

How to make money on collateral. Collateral pool alternative investments for investors and institutions.

There are many ways to maximise and diversify an investment portfolio and some investments can carry more risk than others. Nowadays as there are new alternative investment products entering the financial market that investors have been considering.

Typical questions relate to company or private assets and how to manage them to trigger maximum return. To maximise investments on portfolio, investors question if their assets are performing? Are they gaining value or losing value? Considering assigning assets to a 3rd party in return for a yearly guaranteed return? Whether fixed assets or movable assets can make a profit. Have you considered finding alternative ways to turn such assets into an income generating tool?

One way of maximizing your investment portfolio or help fund a project is where  an asset is cede into a fund and you the asset owner will get a fixed annual return on your non-performing asset.

Collateral Assignment Benefits

This is a good opportunity to manage your assets to enhance it’s potential to further increase your investment portfolio value. Other benefits of this investment fund:

  • This fund is not subject to change of interest rates giving that it is an agreement.
  • The collateral pool helps secure/safe guard assets from market volatility

What Is Collateral?

Collateral can come in a variety of forms and it doesn’t need to be in a way of hard assets. Below is a list of items which can be considered “collateral”when a funder assesses a project’s funding requirements.

  • Cash, cash on deposit, fixed deposits, call accounts, term deposits
  • Listed equity/investment portfolios
  • Listed debt instruments (Euroclear, Bloomberg, etc)
  • Government bonds and bills
  • World bank green bonds
  • Covered bonds
  • Properties in acceptable locations (housing, commercial, agriculture)
  • ETF’s
  • MTN’s
  • Acceptable bank instruments (LC/SBLC/BG etc.)
  • Precious metals in acceptable custodial bond safekeeping facilities
  • Other assets as maybe agreed to (look at the chart below for more acceptable collateral from our lender)

When applying for a loan you can pledge collateral, a funder can lessen their risks through collateral security. The structure is ideal to mobilize “Non performing assets” and to leverage it’s value.

Mobilization of Cash Flows

The Collateral Assets will be transferred into a risk-mitigated structured financial solution, this will provide collateral providers a new source of regular income flows. The collateral assignment can be leveraged to provide critical mass of trading capital that will secure cash flows. Collateral pool mobilizes the latent value of the underlying assets, creates trading credit lines against the collateral placed within the assignment structure which generate revenue flows for collateral providers.

Information About Alternative Investment Funds

Our collateral assignment is a structured and engineered financial product that will provide asset holders a guaranteed minimum of 15% annual interest or the greater yield ceiling of 30% of the underlying fund performance. This will be based on an agreed LTV % of collateral assets transferred into the collateral assignment with a tenure of at least 36 months on collateral assets valued $ 20,000,000 or more.

List of Acceptable Collateral

Collateral pool investments

Factors That Impact LTV

Each asset will be offered a value based on LTV which will then be utilized for return on investment. Below is a list of Loan to Value factors.

  • Types of asset
  • Location of asset
  • Currency base of asset
  • Mark to market valuation of asset
  • Issuer rating of financial instrument issuer
  • Current custody location of asset
  • Market conditions (this is subjective)
  • Ownership of asset may have an impact
  • Age of collateral asset
  • Market liquidity of asset class

Participation Process

To take part in our alternative investment fund, the subscriber process is as follows:

  • Collateral holder submits a detailed CIS / Know Your Client application with a full and detailed description of the assets.
  • Collateral assignment manager reviews and issues an agreement.
  • Upon execution of the above agreement, the procedures as highlighted below commence.
  • Execution commence within 45 to 60 days of agreement executed.

As part of the due diligence process documentation is required to confirm ownership of assets. You will be asked to supply such information in a signed agreement:

  1. Detailed client information sheet and Know Your Client documents
  2. Detailed description of asset
  3. Precise location of asset
  4. Recent asset valuation report / assessment
  5. Custodial safekeeping receipt
  6. Current custodial location of asset
  7. Full ownership history
  8. Source of funds declaration
  9. Other documents as may be required
  10. Recent bank statement

If you are sitting on non-performing assets and wish for us to consider them to be entered into the collateral assignment, please contact us.

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