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Invest in Large Projects

Are you a fund, corporation or private investor looking to diversify your portfolio or build up your balance sheet? If so, we would like to speak with you. Prestige Capital Partners receive projects on a regular basis in need of funding, they start from $10 Million USD+. Direct funding can not only yield excellent return on investment as well, you could have an equity share in an up and coming ventures which could be worth a substantial sum of money further down the line.

The projects we receive are open to private investment  as well as other forms of funding. Therefore if you are an investment fund, corporation or a private investor and are seeking to invest some capital into projects in return for an equity share or just straight forward return on investment then we are always open to hearing from you.

Funding Projects As An Investment

Startup Investors Needed

We receive projects that require an injection of capital. By going through business plans with the principles and knowing your investment focus, we offer projects that meet your preferences.


It is a policy of ours to maintain confidentiality to our investors and institutions wishing to use our services.

Project Geography

We receive global projects that need seed funding.

Top project applications awaiting funding from;

  • Africa – Housing Estate
  • USA – 2 Resorts, Entertainment
  • Caribbean – 1 Resort
  • South America – Resorts, Mining
  • Europe – Manufacturing, Clean Energy
  • Asia – Mining

Investor Capital

Project finance from $10 Million USD.

Alternative Investment Fund

Structured Note Investment

As well, we as a company have access to an investment fund returning very good rates of return. This is a great way for corporations who are sitting on bank deposits to enhance their corporate capital. We work directly with a number of wealth management company’s who’s focus is to increase capital growth for private companies and accredited investors. We offer secured credit notes within the fund which offer a guaranteed rate of return.

Collateral Pool Alternative Investment

Finally, are you a corporation sitting on collateral which is not yielding much return? We are able to offer a return on your collateral by assigning it to a pooled fund which in turn will be invested and yield further growth on your assets thus growing your balance sheets. Investors, contact us to obtain further information – you won’t be disappointed!

Our fund company operates under policies of strict due diligence and processes of compliance. With regards to applicable regulations and international law they ensure high levels of integrity, security and transparency in all transactions.

Private Platform

We have direct access to outstanding platforms enabling access to capital growth and/or fixed income for HNWs.


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