We Are Interested In…

We are interested in funding big projects - Prestige Capital Partners
Information on this page outlines the main projects our funders are interested in. If you have a project that needs funding that isn’t on the list, don’t worry, we do have alternative solutions for you.

Project Finance

  • Worldwide, but there are some geographical restrictions
  • Projects in need of debt funding from $10 Million USD
  • JV –  (Real Estate Only)

Sector Based Interests

Business Growth and Expansion

  • Balance Sheet Enhancement

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Unique Technologies

  • Transport and Logistics – Acquisition – EBITDA from $100 Million USD
  • Telecommunications – Acquisition – EBITDA from $40 Million – 3 years
  • Green Energy – Acquisition – EBITDA from $40 Million – 3 years

Injection of Capital

  • Hard Assets with Intrinsic Value
  • Fixed Income Products


Please inquire about the investment opportunities.

Company Recapitalization

Your business can be recapitalized through private equity firms and other business loans. This can be achieved by restructuring your business model through;

  • debt/equity or hybrid
  • sell a stake in your company

Prestige Capital Partners work alongside trusted lenders to help you gain liquidity or grow your business. We are also committed to get high quality projects funded.