We Are Interested In…

We are interested in funding big projects - Prestige Capital Partners
Information on this page outlines the main projects our funders are interested in. If you have a project that needs funding that isn’t on the list, don’t worry, we do have alternative solutions for you.

Project Finance

  • Worldwide, but there are some geographical restrictions
  • Projects in need of debt funding from $10 Million USD
  • JV –  (Real Estate Only)
  • Shovel Ready Projects

Sector Based Interests

Business Growth and Expansion

  • Balance Sheet Enhancement
  • Projects with collateral (over $50 Milllion USD)
  • Bank Instruments | Trade Finance

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

Unique Technologies

  • Transport and Logistics – Acquisition – EBITDA from $100 Million USD
  • Telecommunications – Acquisition – EBITDA from $40 Million – 3 years
  • Green Energy – Acquisition – EBITDA from $40 Million – 3 years

Injection of Capital

  • Hard Assets with Intrinsic Value
  • Fixed Income Products


Please inquire about the investment opportunities.

  • Structured Note
  • Collateral Assignment Pool

Company Recapitalization

Your business can be recapitalized through private equity firms and other business loans. This can be achieved by restructuring your business model through;

  • debt/equity or hybrid
  • sell a stake in your company

Prestige Capital Partners work alongside trusted lenders to help you gain liquidity or grow your business. We are also committed to get high quality projects funded.