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Wind energy project funding - Prestige Capital Partners Wind energy is the motion of air molecules driven by the Earths rotation this causes difference in atmospheric pressure. The term “wind power” describes the air flow that generates mechanical power.

Wind Power Technology

We have been using wind power for various reasons since ancient times. In the Middle East, buildings have been specifically constructed to act as windcatchers for ventilation. Windcatchers can be used to manage airflow in and around buildings and harnessed in different ways: uni-directional, bi-directional, and multi-directional. The construction of a windcatcher depends on the direction of airflow at that specific location. We built ships that eventually used sail technology to explore and connect the world. In modern times, sail boats are popular in navigating courses in races around the world.

Renewable Energy Sources – Wind Power

One of the greatest inventions in human history using wind power is windmill technology. Windmills have many uses such as pumping water, and powering electrical generators. Windmills are commonly seen in The Netherlands but have been built worldwide. Man made windmills have adjustable blades which were driven by wind force to generate mechanical power or electricity.

Nowadays, modern wind turbines and multi-blade wind turbines are used. Reaching to heights of 30 metres wind turbines can generate power from the fast moving air flow. Wind turbines can be stand alone objects or be connected to generators to provide extra electrical power to farms and other rural locations worldwide. It is more common today to see small wind farms and large wind power utility plants.

As well as utilising wind energy, aerodynamics has been a breakthrough in technological innovation. Sponsors have funded research institutes to see how the motion of air travels through and around solid objects gaining insight to understand what effects air flow has on different materials.  Aerodynamics has had a huge effect on different transport systems. Trains, cars and aeroplanes have become faster and have become more efficient reducing fuel consumption.

Wind Force

Wind energy can be very destructive, every year land is lost due to soil erosion. It is important that engineers study the effect on high wind speeds on built environments and the effects it has on bridge, tall buildings and other infrastructures. The Enhanced Fijita Scale (EF Scale) classifies the the strength of tornadoes (Hurricanes) in it’s destructive power. The Earth has a natural air current which flows around both Northern and Southern hemispheres known as the “Polar jet stream”.

This video demonstrates the polar jet stream which can travel at speeds of 100 miles per hour (160 km/h) and more.  The fastest winds are coloured red and slower winds are blue. – Via Wikipedia

Wind Power Funding

Climate change is a concern for many communities worldwide. There is a greater awareness of the need to produce more economic, environmentally friendly products  that can operate using renewable energy sources. As there is a demand for new technologies to change the way we live, many of our lenders prefer to fund green projects.

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