About Us

About Prestige Capital Partners

Prestige Capital Partners and associates have a combined experience and many decades in the financial services sector. Our associates come from various finance backgrounds from commercial mortgage loans through to corporate financing and banking. We take the view of ‘thinking outside of the box’ when it comes to finding funding solutions. With our varying backgrounds and experience, we source alternative finance solutions to companies worldwide specializing in all sorts of industries from $10 Million USD.

About Us – Prestige Capital Partners

Prestige Capital Partners uses innovative platforms and software. We introduce your business to lenders who can structure finance and use capital markets to fund privately owned businesses. With our help, you’ll be able to tell your story to many accredited investors, hedge funds and other funding organisations. Using one of the largest private funding platforms on the internet, we present your company in an organized and professional fashion.

We can get funding results in a timely professional manner. This is achieved by keeping communication channels open and being transparent throughout the funding process. If you want to know more about Prestige Capital Partners you can read our blog articles and understand a bit more about the funding world.

Formally registered in 2015, Prestige Capital Partners is headquarted in Hong Kong. We have solid connections to finance and banking professionals worldwide.

Our motto at Prestige Capital Partners is “your success is our success!”