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Funding Requirements

Project Funding Requirements - Prestige Capital PartnersBasic Funding Requirements

Imagine going to your local bank asking for a business loan. The bank will ask to see various documents demonstrating that you have indeed done your homework, and that the project in itself is a viable project to lend against. Project funding is no different but there are several ways you can fund a project. In order for a suitable funder to assess whether or not your project is worth funding, these are some the minimum funding requirements you’ll be asked for:

Critical Components for Business Funding

Before a lender approves a project for funding, they will evaluate the mechanics of it. The business plan and financials should show the projects strength and performance in these prime key areas;

When doing their due diligence, funders will often look at the following components:

Alternative Business Funding Method

Bear in mind since 2008, the banks have tightened their lending criteria and have become increasingly selective on who they lend money to. Even projects which have collateral to put up against a loan won’t necessarily be guaranteed a loan. Lenders are looking for projects which pose maximum potential with minimum risk. After all lenders are in the business of protecting their interests, not yours. Therefore in order to present a comprehensive in-depth analysis, creative problem-solving and conceptual thinking and are parts of the service we provide to achieve funding success.

Very often in this industry it is not what you know, moreover it is about who you know. Knowing our funders and what they are looking for gives us valuable ‘insight’ into their funding requirements – each one is different from the other. Our job is to make the introductions and to represent your company well, connecting you to the right suitable funder for your project. If there seems to be no movement in your application, it might be worth re evaluating your business plan, funders can be rather picky!
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