Privacy Policy

Prestige Capital Partners are committed to safeguarding your rights to privacy. Prestige Capital Partners take measures to conform with the GDPR rules as much as we can; we agree that Web Users should have legal rights to access their own Personal Data and how it’s being used. By using this site or/and our services, you consent to the Processing of your Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy.


Personal Data – any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.
Processing – performed operations of Processing Personal Data
You – a natural person whose Personal Data is being Processed.
Trade Secrets – Business operation or interest. We have a right to reserve/withhold the name of funder(s) or Service Provider(s) We do not accept or recognize intermediary requests for such data.
We/Prestige – Prestige Capital Partners HK

Data Protection Principles

Prestige aims to make the processing of information is lawful, fair, transparent and our activities have lawful grounds. We consider your rights before processing any Personal Data, and is limited to the purpose of introducing and gathering specific information in order to identify a suitable financier. Information supplied to us should be true and accurate. Prestige Capital Partners will not store your personal data for longer than required and can be removed by request to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of data. When Web Users send information to us, it must be true, legal and accurate before you submit data to us. *Please read Industry regulation below.

Your Rights

Project owners have to right to know whether your Personal Data is being processed; what data is gathered, from where it is obtained and why it is processed. Prestige has the right under trade secrets to reserve names of our funders until the LOI or DOA has been signed. All copies of communications between Prestige and Project Owner is conducted by email therefore you should receive a copy of all communications. If you have undertaken services with an intermediary business, they should be able to provide the data you request. You can delete/withdraw consent. In certain circumstances you can request for your Personal Data to be deleted from our records such as direct marketing removal. If you are not satisfied with the way your request has been handled please contact us.

Personal Data Prestige Collects

How we secure your data

Prestige does our best to keep your Personal Data safe however, this should not be taken as a guarantee of security.  We monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks. However, we will notify suitable authorities of data breaches. Prestige will also notify you if there is a threat to your rights or interests. We will do everything we reasonably can to prevent security breaches and to assist authorities should any breaches occur.

Information automatically collected about you
This includes information that is automatically stored by cookies and other session tools (see Cookie Policy). When you use our services or read the contents of our website, your activities may be logged.

Contact forms

Prestige collects information from Web Users’ when information is requested by Users through communications of the Website contact form. The type of information that Prestige collects depends on particular interaction with us which may include, without limitation:

Your name, address, telephone number, email address, web URL, location, your job field, funding amount, proof of funds, passport and any other useful information that Users choose to provide. You may need to fill in other supporting documents to identify who you are which is deemded necessary to abide by the laws of HK financial conduct authority.

Shared Data

Who else can access your Personal Data

Prestige Capital Partners does not share your Personal Data with unknown entities outside our Group. Personal Data about you is in some cases provided to our Trusted Partners in order to either make providing the service to you possible or to enhance your customer experience.

Service Providers

Information from our partners
We may gather information from our trusted partners that have legal grounds to share information with us. This is either information you have provided them directly. Once you have agreed business relations and agree to our services, we share your information with our Third Party agents. We ask for your consent prior consent to data retention to enable us to forward your enquiry to a suitable funding option. Depending on your type of enquiry, we will inform you of the next business steps.  We respect your confidentiality at all times. Service Provider collaborations; we may use SendIn Blue Marketing Software for our Marketing operations if and when required.

We share Cookie data (anonymous) with Google Analytics and Google site search to measure Web Performance and Web User activity to see how Prestige ranks in search results in order to improve our website ranking.

Your cookie data is anonymous, Prestige do not collect personal data through cookies. We use plugins to enhance the visitor user experience and you agree that we are not held responsible for their activities which may include data storage/collection. We cannot control what the plugin developer collects without our knowledge. Where all possible we will delete information as we see fit.

Our aligned Service Providers 
Information about you may be disclosed upom LOI/DOA signature agreements of service. We receive data from other Intermediaries and updates from financial partners. They should have their own Terms in place including Privacy Policies. We do not interfere with private information or the funding process once Service Providers are engaged and agreed Terms. Our Banking parties will do their due diligence on you to comply with financial rules and regulations.

Publicly available information
We might gather information about you that is publicly available on the internet as part of our due diligence.

Data Retention Period

If you leave a message with us, your information is retained until successful completion of funding. This is so we can recognize and approve any follow-up messages automatically. Please send us an email to remove your information from our database.

Additional Information

Contact Information

Compliance Representative: Louise Smith

Industry Regulatory Disclosure Requirements

You will need to disclose Personal Data if you choose to take on our Service Providers. KYC/CIS forms and other documentation are used to cover Financial regulations laws. KYC/CIS disclosures completed before entering into a contract or fulfilling contractual obligations. We disclose your Personal Data to our Service Providers or when we are legally obliged to do so. If you have sent Prestige fake/fraudulent documents, we have the right to disclose your Personal Data to First and Third Parties (Financial and/or Legal Authorities). Your submission of documents and Personal Data is construed as a consent based on these legal grounds and consent in this Privacy Policy. Terms and Conditions apply.