Solar Energy Funding Opportunities

The Sun discharges charged particles through space which hits the Earths magnetosphere. We see these charged particles in the polar regions where we see a green cosmic dance of these charged particles. Every 30-40 years the amount of sunspot activity on the Suns surface changes. This could be some suggestion that the Sun goes through seasonal changes bringing hot temperatures on to the Earths surface.

Solar energy is a free, renewable resource. Harnessing the power of the sun is still a relatively new idea. The ability to use solar power for heat was first discovered in 1767. The inventor, Horace de Saussure built the first thermal solar collector which he used to boil water and heat up food. In 1891, Clarence Kemp then patented a solar water heater to use for commercial purposes.  We still use solar power in the same two forms today, thermal and photovoltaic.

How Photovoltaic Technology Works

Most solar projects we receive make use of Photovoltaic technology, in particular, start up businesses in solar enenergy farms. Photovoltaic technology converts sunlight into electricity. Photovoltaic systems act like artificial photosynthesis. The photovoltaic system are made of small silicon cells. Like a Russian doll, these cells are wired together form a module. Connect the modules together to form a panel and the group of panels result in an array field. Entrepreneurs purchase and install them on their property in order to produce electricity. Electricity is generated when the suns rays hits the semiconductor and creates an electric current. The current can then be stored or transmitted along power lines to the National Grid.

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from which is harnessed and utilized using a range of ever-evolving technologies. Nowadays it is quite common to see solar technology in use around us. They can be seen on large solar farms, on new rooftop buildings to small calculators and flashlights. With an agenda to “go green” there is an urgent need to get solar energy projects funded.

Solving Solar Energy Problems

The current problems in solar energy is the lack and expense of storage of electricity that have been generated from solar farms. At the moment it can be up to ten times more expensive to produce electricity from the Sun than it is to produce electricity from other fossil fuel or renewable source. Other problems is that in countries in the Northern hemisphere, the Sun is under cloud thus being intermittent. The semi conductors and cells are both expensive and need to become more efficient.

Benefits Of Solar Energy

There are lots of reasons why people start a business in energy production. For the energy provider, the source is free and predictable. The sun is inexhaustible (renewable) and solar energy funding is a current trend. Many funders want solar projects on their books. Another benefit to the energy provider is that if you get a contract (PPA) with the Government, you can sell the power to them thus being a Tax relief. If you are able to bring new developments in the technology be it thermal or photovoltaic, you will further the industry for future generations.

If the business is selling photovoltaic technology to the customer, then the end user benefit from installing the equipment as it can be reasonably affordable, easy to install. The cost to install solar technology has dropped > 70% since 2010.  Solar energy technology can be used to heating buildings, water and power almost any electrical system. Harnessing the suns power leaves no carbon emissions and produces no green house gases.

Solar energy can help benefit countries that are energy poor as there are new developments in electric storage (batteries). There are still many areas of the world that don’t have the technologies to generate electricity which could help bring them into the 21 century. Having unlimited, clean energy will come in major leaps and bounds in the not too distant future.

Solar Energy Projects Needed

The biggest geopolitical breakthrough in clean energy wasn’t just the recent COP agreement in Paris which the outcome is to reduce world carbon dioxide emissions by 2%.  It was the U.S. lawmakers who agreed on a deal to extend tax credits for solar and wind capture for another five years.  This helps the U.S. accelerate their production of clean energy that can rival China to become a world’s superpower in Green Energy. By the year 2030, it is possible that solar capture could provide 100 percent of today’s energy!

By identifying these key areas to harness the suns power, is fundamental to empower the connected world with cleaner energy sources. Current climate change has brought the world greater awareness of their own carbon footprint. There is a need to build advanced and long lasting technologies to enrich and better the lives for all species. This is the reason why many funders choose to fund solar energy projects and other green energy projects over other industry sectors. Have you got a bright idea? Let your project switch on…

How To Get Solar Energy Funding

Solar business owners often receive loans as non recourse and in tranched payments. To get solar energy funding there are a few documents you need to submit, they are:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Plan
  • Financials (Projected for startups)
  • Commercial Land Ownership
  • Feasibility Report
  • Power Purchase Agreement

We wish you funding success!