Wealth Building Program | Small Cap Investment Funds

This is an overview to private wealth building programs. The overview is designed to help you understand what they are, how they work, and things you may want to consider.

Wealth Building Programs

By providing direct access into exclusive, private primary markets, investors are open to global banking and investment opportunities. Trade platforms can provide different wealth building strategies focused on generating superior risk-adjusted absolute returns.  These platforms not only makes an investment portfolio exclusive but creates custom tailored solutions for any financial goal.

In the past, these wealth building programs were only open to the institutional investor, project funding and UHNW. Prestige Capital Partners have access to platforms which start from regulated Tier 4 traders and up. We have arrangements in place whereby applicants can enter into the platforms via a Trust company whom we have teamed up with. For this reason, we use a Swiss Trust to manage the Banking, Legal and Investment issues.

Investment Fund Benefits

  • Swiss Trust – Joint Participation Agreement
  • Access Primary Market
  • Managed Trade Platform
  • European Platform
  • Regulated top tier traders
  • No software download
  • Fixed income investments can provide regular income,
  • diversification from stock risk – preserve capital from market volatility
  • and principal protection.

Small Cap Investment Fund

Why use us? People are often looking for high returns on investment but cannot find appropriate banking products. Bank savings/investments offer 1-3% and some investments can yield up to 20% or more however these can be difficult to come by. We can open up doors to you to enter into trade platforms which can offer exceptional results.

Small Fund investors now have the chance to take part in a larger investment program with safety and security.

We have negotiated specific access with a Private Investment Fund, allowing access for a greater number of clients. This provides access to a Primary Market Trading Program. Qualified clients have the chance to earn above average returns. The entry level is much lower than similar opportunities and can be used to get into the next investment fund after the 40 week period. The program offers a secure opportunity with a proven history of performance. This is an excellent opportunity for small fund investors.

Duration – The Private Investment Fund will enter into a 40 week trade program. So be prepared to have capital tied up for that period of time.

Currency – Given the current low interest-rate environment, adding a high-yield allocation to your portfolio may help increase your investment income

JP Agreement with a registered and regulated Trust. The private Trust designs and delivers solutions that manage risk, optimize benefits and expand the power of capital to protect and strengthen individuals.

Risk Factor – Like all investments, there’s always an element of risk involved. We suggest you take advice before participating in any investments. Prestige Capital Partners do not offer any advice nor should information outlined herein be perceived as any kind of financial advice whatsoever.

Investment Fund Access

To enter, subscribers will be interviewed and have the chance to participate in either of the three capital investment funds available. To access the fund(s), you will enter into a joint-partnership agreement with a Trust and can become a 25/50/100% shareholder in the Trust.

First step is to get in touch with us via the contact form and arrange a chat with the Swiss Trust. Applicants will be asked to fill in CIS, POF and provide a copy of your passport. When the subscriber has been approved, they will then enter a  JP agreement with the Trust.. The subscriber will be a shareholder of the Trust (percentage of shares will very much depend on how much you invest.) A separate SPV will be formed of which shareholders will be furnished with their own bank account via the SPV.  Once trading commences, partners will receive a set return 7-8 weeks after trading begins.

Other Wealth Building Platforms

Qualified clients can also receive information from us from time to time on other available trade programs. Working with banking partners, financiers, investment houses and traders; we have access to several wealth creation programs to assist qualified investors. Trade programs come and go. Some will be ‘bullet’ trades which last for a very short period of time whereas the ‘longer’ trading programs can last up to 40 weeks. These programs are designed whereby once they are fully subscribed to, they will then close and no longer take in new applicants.



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